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LICENSEMusic Use License

Before Using Background Music (BGM)

Please read this carefully before using the music provided on our website (hereinafter referred to as "the Music").

By using the Music, users are deemed to have agreed to this Music License (hereinafter referred to as "this License").

In addition to this License, the terms of use for TwitCasting also apply to the use of our website and the Music, so please make sure to check the "Terms of Use".

We will not charge any copyright fees or other usage fees for the use of the Music.

When using the Music from the TwitCasting app, no separate copyright notice is required. If you are using the Music from outside the app, please follow the composer and producer's intentions regarding copyright notices and provision.
※ The rights to the Music are held by the composer and producer or managed and published by Moi Corporation.

In addition to this License, the composer and producer may set additional usage conditions. In such cases, the composer and producer's usage conditions take precedence.

Music Warranty

Music (excluding music managed by Moi Corporation) is published if the composer (or producer) meets all of the following conditions:

  • They hold all rights, including copyrights, moral rights, and neighboring rights, to the Music
  • They have not entered into exclusive contracts, copyright transfer contracts, or management agency contracts with specific music publishers, record companies, productions (production companies), copyright management organizations, etc. for the Music, or they have obtained permission from the contracting party to publish
  • If they are publishing music that is a cover or arrangement of an existing song, the copyright of the original song has already expired and belongs to the public domain
  • They have not transferred rights to third parties nor set up exclusive usage licenses for the Music
  • If they share various rights to the Music with third parties, they have obtained permission from all rights holders to publish on this website
  • There are no impediments to providing, publishing, and licensing the Music to users as material through this website based on this License

The music managed by Moi Corporation and posted on this website has been posted after entering into a contract for music management with the composer (or producer or artist) who holds the rights.

Scope of License

As long as this License and the usage conditions established by the composer and producer are followed, users can use the Music as "background music" for any production, regardless of commercial or non-commercial use and whether they are an individual or a corporation.

The term "background music" in this License refers to using the Music as a background (secondary) element to something else that is the main focus. Please be aware that using the Music as a primary element instead of a background (secondary) element (hereinafter referred to as "use outside the scope of the license") is not covered by this License unless otherwise specified. For details, please refer to the "Examples of Use as Background Music", "Prohibited Activities", and "FAQ".

Users may continue to use the Music downloaded from this site in accordance with this License even after the Music is no longer available on this site.

Prohibited Activities

Use of the Music in any of the following ways or for the following purposes is prohibited:

  • Using the Music in broadcasts that violate the terms of use, laws (Japanese law), or public order and morals
  • Creating a "musical derivative work" using the Music by processing (sampling, etc.), arranging, remastering, remixing, or adding vocals to the Music (excluding music managed by Moi Corporation)
  • Distributing or selling the Music, with or without displaying the composer and producer's name and whether for profit or not
    ※ This includes all methods that allow end-users to use only the Music, regardless of open or closed internet distribution, distribution via CDs or other media, etc.
  • Using the Music in a state where end-users can easily access and duplicate the audio file without converting
  • Performing the Music in public, including live performances and publishing recordings or videos of the Music being played (excluding music managed by Moi Corporation)
  • Creating and publishing or selling sheet music for the Music
  • Using the Music in a way that damages, or has the potential to damage, the reputation or credit of the composer and producer

If the content of the English version and the Japanese version is different, the Japanese version will be prioritized